Hello, I’m Colin

I’ve been happily working in the software industry since the early 2000s. Currently growing and leading a program management team at Oracle. Previously at startups, design agencies, and other fortune 500 companies doing program and product management with a few years early on as a full stack web engineer.


About this site

The current iteration is stripped down with no javascript and little css*. This was less about a philosophy on what is right or good and more a reboot to limit distraction in the hope of writing more. That said I do tend to side with keeping the web weird, fun, small, and accessible. Nothing against sites with large payloads but it’s usually not added to educate, entertain, or enjoy the experience. Typography and UI are amazing artistic challenges and I hope to incorporate them some day.

Technically, this website was built with Jekyll and rsync’d to an OpenBSD instance at Vultr.

Everything changes over time and this site will be no different. I’ll do my best to persist URLs and mention updates.

*CSS based on 100 Bytes of CSS to look great everywhere

By Colin Dowell
28th February, 2023
Westport, CT

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